Workstations Type 331


Work-center systems are, in fact, a range of options to be installed on the basic workbench in order to create an integrated, complete workstation. All of the accessories are adjustable and are installed on fixed posts located behind the workbench. The 331 type models are composed of:

  • One basic workbench with load capacity of 3000 lbs;
  • Work surface at height of 34";
  • Choice of different table tops: Painted steel, laminated wood, wood-filled painted steel or wood-filled Stainless Steel top; 
  • One lower shelf under the work surface;
  • One back stringer;
  • One Louvered panel for plastic bins and other AGF accessories (see catalogue);
  • One Perforated back panel for tool rods;
  • One spool support;
  • One power outlet strip;
  • One small top shelf over louvered panel for even more storage space;
  • Horizontal structural bars for lightning support and added strength;
  • High resistance baked powder paint.
D x W" Painted Steel Laminated Wood   Painted Steel/Wood


 24 x 48" 331-2448AP 331-2448BL 331-2448AB 331-2448IB
24 x 60" 331-2460AP 331-2460BL 331-2460AB 331-2460IB
30 x 60" 331-3060AP  331-3060BL  331-3060AB  331-3060IB 
30 x 72" 331-3072AP 331-3072BL 331-3072AB 331-3072IB
36 x 60" 331-3660AP 331-3660BL 331-3660AB 331-3660IB
36 x 72" 331-3672AP 331-3672BL 331-3672AB 331-3672IB

Available colors

GF Blue GF Grey
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