Worbenches Type 310


These industrial-grade robust and durable workbenches are offered in several different dimensions in order to adapt to all spaces and needs. The AGF model type 310 is part of the pedestal workbenches.

  • Capacity of 3000 lbs;
  • With one 24" high door pedestal on one side;
  • 4" high base underneath the pedestal;
  • One leg on the opposite side of pedestal;
  • Choice of different tops including painted steel, wood-filled painted steel, varnished hardwood or wood-filled Stainless steel;
  • Choice of 6 different sizes;
  • Work surface height is 34";
  • Baked powder coat paint in blue and light grey.
D x W" Painted Steel Laminated Wood   Painted Steel/Wood


24 x 48" 310-2448AP 310-2448BL 310-2448AB 310-2448IB
24 x 60" 310-2460AP 310-2460BL 310-2460AB 310-2460IB
30 x 60" 310-3060AP  310-3060BL  310-3060AB  310-3060IB 
30 x 72" 310-3072AP 310-3072BL 310-3072AB 310-3072IB
36 x 60" 310-3660AP 310-3660BL 310-3660AB 310-3660IB
36 x 72" 310-3672AP  310-3672BL   310-3672AB   310-3672IB  

Available colors

GF Blue GF Grey
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